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basic knowledge of the masterbatch

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        the full name of masterbatch is color masterbatch, also know as color's a special colorant for new type of polymer materials.which is composed of pigments or dyes,carrier and additives these three basic elements, is take extraordinary amount of pigments or dyes evenly attached in resin to obtained can be seen as pigment concentrate, so its coloring is higher than the pigment itself. masterbatch is mainly used in plastics,to achieve the desired color effect in the plastic or rubber products.
        the commonly used methods of the classification of plastic masterbatch is as :
a) by carrier classification: such as pe masterbatch,pp masterbatch,abs masterbatch, pvc masterbatch,eva masterbatch,etc.
b)by application: such as injection masterbatch, blowing masterbatch,spinning, masterbatch,etc